Monday, November 15, 2010

First day of Eid

Tomorrow's the first day of eid but I would like to inform you the plan of tomorrow. :)
First we will wake up from fajr, pray and then change our clothes and the house goes active as if it is in the middle of the day!
Then we go to pray and we leave after the speech, go home and maybe watch TV or do anything
Then we go downstairs to my granny to have our first breakfast with my mom's family
Then we stay downstairs or in the garden wait for some of our relatives to visit
Thennn go to our other granny and have our second breakfast which is so huge, with dad's family.
Then... I actually don't know we stay a little at our grandma and we don't have dinner cuz dad goes like 'no, we ate two huge breakfasts today, I am full and I think thats enough'
and we go like ' dad we aren't full, plz its eid, at least can we eat late dinner or sth so you can be a bit hungry?'
and here it goes the last part of the day isn't planned in a new way, we don't do any other thing but go visit our other relatives then go home and maybe we have late dinner and maybe not
You may think that our eid is so boring, but there goes a big fat no in your face, the rest of the week is full of surprises and we have the most fun we can ever have :D
Hope you enjoy like me!
Happy Eid :)

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Soraya Rady said...

wow ur eid is sooo exciting ! i think ill go to pray then go to the pyramids and go 4 a ide to Cairo! and watch TV when i get bk home! :)
well happy eid 4 u girl!