Saturday, November 13, 2010

howdy- have nothing to say

hello, whoever is reading my blog
this is rahhma fateen
i am at mariam's righht nnow and as you see her keyyboard has some problem that it repeats the letter twice
she is sittinng beside me now and she is laughing at whhhat i wrote :D
oh.. forgot to say i am here (at mariam's house) cuz we were supposed to watch a mmovie called 'mega mminnnd' in the cinema 3D hehe :P
but.. annd only but when we went there the guy told us that it will start at 12:30 'becauuse they are big besela' mariam told mme to write that :)
thhats the reason im hhere
so manyy mistakes cuuz of that keyyboard
aren't you jjealous?
i mmeann cuz imm going to the cinema without you ? :P
anywayy see you soonn
juust can't wait for the  mmovie :D
mariam tells youu bye :)

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