Sunday, February 20, 2011


so I am posting mainly 'cause Soraya told me to :D ♥
haha. no probs Soraya, since I am on the computer, it means that I have some spare time to post ;) you aren't wasting my time.

Yesterday, was so boring, and my brothers were going to the club to practice, so I decided to go with them, at least to get out of the house for a while! haha. So I took the kindle with me, and I continued reading 'The adventures of Sherlock Holmes' I read some other adventures last year, but these are better, and needs more intellegance! I like mysteries and I like mathematics so much! I like making my brain work all the time :)
don't really ask me what this means,
I just liked it :D
And you know what?! I wore some t-shirt I bought from the square (tahrir square) written on it 'The day we changed Egypt, 25 January' its so nice, I loved it. ♥
I just love all the t-shirts that have slogans on it, or funny sayings.
haha. I like this one :D
I don't really know what to say, Soraya kept pleading me to post and I don't know what to say, I don't post till there is something special I wanna say or so....

When I sat on the computer, I had lots of posts to read (of the blogs I am following) and lots of emails to reply to, and I had to reply in details, so the one who sent it wont be sad.
I am just so tired that I thought to call this post like that, although I am not really talking about it.
You know, most of the posts I read were about marriage and stuff, I am young to talk about these things, but I like to be in the company of big people, you know all young kids are like that, it makes me feel bigger, when I know about these things, I just feel bigger and more open-minded.
Now, I am really out of words, and as you see in the title I am really out of battery and I am so tired, I wanna sleep.
Good Night!
Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bight!
haha. ;)
Rahma Fateen


Sorayaa :) ♥ said...

Haha Thanks that you posted! :)
Anyway! i think your blog is awesome!
and the tittle is nice! ;)
like if you are really tired!
Oh, i know having better friends is nice. But it seems i can't get into them. i dont feel belonged.
they are like talking about life and future! i like being in the company of friends of my age! they know what i am talking about. and first of all, they understand me.
haha i am kind of different! but i like being friends of small guys as well. You can be like a good friend to them :)
This is what i actually feel! :)
Love you a lot! :) ♥

Chocolate Cloud said...

heaha. your welcome dear.
yeah i liked the title so much! ♥
yeah i was actually, i think i will use this title again, but when i am really tired.
everyone is different, but i don't really like being in the company of little kids and i am afraid the big kids i am in company with wont like the same, so i just wont be welcomed.
but alhamdulillah, most of them don't mind.
i love you more.

Little Auntie said...

First of all, did I tell you that I love how you call them 'hiccups'. Second, the shirt is awesome! I love it!!

LOL at all the topics being about marriage. Yesterday, ours was about that, too *hehe*

But I think that it's great that you hang out/ read things that are a little older for you. I was the same and I think it really helps you grow 'emotionally' and more mature =) inshaAllah.

Chocolate Cloud said...

haha. yeah I liked it too, I took it from some other blog.
the shirt? which one? the one I bough or the one in the picture, anyway I really like both.

I think thats the reason why I like to sit with elder kids, I like to know things older than my age, it makes me feel intelligent!

Yeah, I did see your post. I like it too ♥