Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heart Attack

My mom's uncle lived beside a mosque and he was kind of responsible of it, he used to make the athan and iqama every prayer every day.
On the days of the demonstrations in Egypt and on the days which violence occurred, when the camels and horses came and all these thugs that came to kill the protesters, that day, my mom's uncle was watching the news channels and he was so mad, and he felt that he had something in his heart, anyway, he went to the mosque, and gave the athan, and when he was about to give the iqama, God took his heart and he died. -rahimahu Allah- .
My moms uncle and my moms dad are brothers and moms uncle's wife is the sister of moms mother. So they are all relatives. All the family was sad that time, though his way of dying was the greatest.

Anyway, from two weeks, my grandfather, (moms dad) also had felt something in his heart, and his pressure was so high, we took him to the hospital right away, and he was there for about 3 days, at the last day, they told him that he needs to make a surgery and put pillars because some artires were closed.
Alhamdulillah, it passed well and he came yesterday.
Yesterday, mom put her hand on her heart and said that HER heart hurt, I told her 'no!! mama, don't say that!'  It passed, and after that with some time, I put my hand on my heart, and I felt that it hurt me!
What do you conclude? I dunno, from two years before, I felt the same, and dad joked and told me that I am going to die! and he kept joking about it.
I dunno, but I am not afraid, because mom says that whats happening in the world now brings stress and that may have caused this feeling.

fallahu khairun hafizan,
Rahma Fateen


Anonymous said...

May ur mother's uncle RIP!! And thank God that ur grandpa is fine now, inshaa Allah u and ur mother get well soon!!
Yasmina Ahmad <3

Chocolate Cloud said...

thanks Yasmina.
Yeah, alhamdulillah :D
thanks you, I wish that too :)
Thanks. xx

Sorayaa :) ♥ said...

oh! inshalah everything will be okay in your life! :) ♥

Chocolate Cloud said...

thanks soraya ♥

Aya Ghobashy said...

rahima allah your mum's uncle and alhamdulillah for the safe of your grandfather , and inshaa allah u and your mum will be better :)

Chocolate Cloud said...

Thanks, inshallah he will rest in peace.
Yeah alhamdulillah
Thankss ♥