Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm Egyptian and proud! :)

It's a really nice feeling, when you feel that your country is a very important thing to you.
 Imagine that you have an earthquake in your country, and your house is falling down. What would you automatically save? something very precious to your heart you can't live without. some would say their laptop, some their iPhone and other things. They don't recognize that these things might be ruined one day. And they can't stop it  from being ruined. But when it comes to your country, you can defend it and you can stop anyone from taking it  from you and ruining it.
Exactly the same, I felt like as if someone is taking my mom away and I am holding back! I was never proud of being and Egyptian before. When someone used to ask me about my nationality I used to say 'well, umm. I was born in America, but unfortunately I'm an Egyptian' some people used to look at me like 'what the heck? aren't you proud?!' sometimes I used the fact that I was born in America for arrogance, and lots of people were jealous from me cuz of that! that made me never want to change.
Egypt is passing by golden days and what Egyptians are doing now will be written by history.

When I used to hear that some people in Egypt get drunk and that some also kidnap babies to trade them with money from their families and all these bad things. I used to say the Egypt has the worst people in the world! I never knew that most countries has the same kind of people and some have worse!
Now, when I watch different news channels, I find out that Egypt has the best people!
10 days demonstrating just for gaining rights. Isn't that great?! And they are all optimistic! they sing Egypt's national song together, and they act a play as if they are hanging the president and his party! They all have the spirit.
They made me feel as if I want to be with them. I want to be one of these people right now. I am totally ready to give any thing for the sake of my beloved country. When I used to tell my friends that I want to go and stuff, they all used to tell me, 'no, it's dangerous, you might be killed or wounded, can't you see whats happening over there?' I'll have to tell them all, that I don't care, I can give anything for the sake of freedom in my country.
Every single person in Egypt is proud of these people, even people outside Egypt. Lots of Egyptians in US, Britain and lots other places protest in their country for the same reason. People around the world fast solidarity with us.
So once again I'll say. I ♥ Egypt and I love the ground I step on, more than anything else.
Rahma Fateen - The Egyptian :)
P.S Mubarak, you have to step down :P


Anonymous said...

Hey! It's yasmina ahmed. Actually, this is the best post EVER! Ur words are rlly touching! I'm also proud being Egyptian! :-)

Chocolate Cloud said...

Thanks Yasmina.
I'm really glad you read my blog :)

SunShine said...

i can't agree with u more :) well said rahma...i guess everyone felt the same as u did. however i think guess we should c the whole picture not only from one side.
i hope this love inside u can turn to all the ppl out in ta7rir coz this wht ppl need now.
love..and faith

Chocolate Cloud said...

Thanks dear lil miss.
yeah, thats true :)

Aminah said...

I hope everything's okay for you over there. :O
I heard that Mubarak shut the Internet and all methods of communication down for a day.
I don't know if it's true or not, but there have been rumors saying that Mubarak paid some people to go against the Egyptians who want him to leave.

Chocolate Cloud said...

Thanks :)
yeah that's true and I was like dying.
that's true too. and lots of ppl died that day cuz ppl who were paid for, used violence against us. they even came with horses and camels!

Anonymous said...

Hi~! It's Nora. [Yasmina's sis xD] . Well, I agree with Yasmina. This post is totally awesome.. Keep it up Rahma~! (^_^)

Little Auntie said...

asalamu aliakum,
Just visiting your little cute blog :P I do say, aren't you going to offer us some choco? Or what? Keep it all to yourself? :O

(I'm a choco addict, too, hehe)..

Anyways, I totally agree with you. It took me a long time to fall in love with my country...I was also born in America and I had serious problems with Egypt when I first used to visit it...but alhamdilah, over the years, I started appreciating it so much more. The last few weeks though have truly made me proud to be an Egyptian :)

Chocolate Cloud said...

haha, I would really do if I was able to by internet! that'll be so cool. :D
Thanks for commenting all of you :) ♥