Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mid-Term vacation.

Without travelling, my vacation was full of events, and new, historical ones!
First days, I went to the club so often with my friends, Mall of Arabia opened new, so we went some days. Then these demonstrations started, and I went four days, two before he left, one on -the best day ever- the day he left, and one after he left, and I bought that t-shirt.
After the demonstrations, I went to dream park, and after that I had a sleepover with my friends, and we enjoyed to the max! on Thursday, I went to the club, with my sisters friends and one of mine, but I admit, it was so nice ♥
We got the news that school will start on Sunday -tomorrow- after it has been delayed for two weeks! So I went to Dandy Mall, with my best friend -Mariam-, we had so much fun, we went early in the morning, so we could have lots of time to enjoy.
First we went to claire's, and we kept there for about an hour! we took lots of time to choose stuff. We bought similar rings for all our friends, they are five actually not all, so don't be sad, the other friends 'cause we didn't buy for you XD.
And you know, there is an awesome offer there in claire's, you fill a paper, and on your birthday, they will call you and let you come to take your birthday gift! It's so nice! I can't wait for my birthday! haha
And at last we headed out of the shop, and we went to continue our journey.
I saw some t-shirt, thats written on it 'New York ♥ Me' and it has some signatures on it, it was so nice, I deadly wanted to buy it! I called mom to take permission, but unfortunately, she told me that it isn't so necessary and stuff, like all moms, and I didn't buy it :(
We went to have our lunch, in the food court, I didn't really want to try new food, so I went to a normal restaurant, I am used to, its called Prego, but its so nice :D
After that, we went to 'Funky Land' and we played Air Hockey! I'm an expert in that game! I just love it ♥
We went to eat ice-cream after playing, and of course, I ate chocolate! It was so nourishing. After that, we went to the bookstores, I didn't really buy a novel I was looking for, 'cause I was nearly bankrupt! So we just continued our day, and in the middle, the school send my friends mom a message and said that school has been delayed till the fifth of March!
That was bad news for me, 'cause I am about to get bored of this vacation.
Anyway, we gotta thanks God for everything.
P.S Hope you like the pictures!

Rahma Fateen


Sorayaa :) ♥ said...

I like this post very much!
love the pics too! :)
hehe and nice idea for the rings and the bday thingy! :D
love yah! ♥
plz comment on mine ok? ♥♥♥
Sorayaa :) ♥

Chocolate Cloud said...

oh, thanks.
I am happy you liked the post!
thank you
yeah, I totally liked it!
love you more.xxoo
sure dear!♥

Anonymous said...

Mashaa Allah ya Rahma, AwEsOmE holiday, and I have 2 tell u that ur so lucky mashaa Allah...., "I WENT 2 MALL OF ARABIA YESTERDAY" ugh, I Think I don't have 2 mention my name, LOL..
C ya soon ISA,

Chocolate Cloud said...

thanks. yeah alhamdulillah
haha. you are lucky too
i know you yasmina ♥

Aya Ghobashy said...

good that you enjoyed the vacation , i'm happy for u
and the pictures are nice really :)
lol , bye

The science whiz said...

so happy tht u liked tht day
u knw wt the problem is?
it is tht u always post b4 me and most of the posts r the same of mine{cuz we do lots of things 2gether :)}
hey i look awful in the pics :(

Chocolate Cloud said...

hey! :D
haha. thats no problem by the way! haha
no you don't i look more awful than you.
hahah. :P

Aya Ghobashy said...

urw :)
btw i went 2 claire's 2 days ago and i didn't find that bday thingy !
i think it's only for u cause u R lovely :) (the heart isn't working so i made the smiley,hehe)
lol , bye ;)

Chocolate Cloud said...

oh. it was beside the cashier.
hehe. thanks
no problem ♥

Zara A said...

Aww, this is such a lovely post! I'm really glad that you enjoyed your mid-term break. Some beautiful photos, masha'Allah!