Saturday, February 12, 2011


I dunno what to call this post, cuz in this situation I am out of titles, really.
I am just so happy that I can't describe my feelings in words. So I don't have anything else to say but that I am v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v ............................ proud of these Egyptians. We did it all alone, without help of America nor Israel, no one. of course after help from Allah (swt) actually it was all in His hand, but Egyptians had a strong determination, which made him go away. of course.

I just should say that the best thing he did in all his ruling time is that he stepped down, but if he had done that a little bit earlier, it would have been greater. I am ready to see my self telling my children about this experience, since I went three days. I can say it detailed that time with my feelings and all my thoughts

You know what, it was a really great day 11-2-2011. Like every Friday, we went to our grandparents, but this time we went a little bit earlier, before aljummaa prayer, and we went to pray in a mosque. Then we went to Cairo University, cuz dad works a professor there, and they had a march from there till tahrir square! so much walking, anyway, so we went and actually I didn't feel tired cuz I was so proud that I didn't even have time to feel tired! The best feeling ever! we did walk a bunch of kilometers but it didn't really matter with me, at least I lost some weight!
So we were so much in that march, we were like almost 5000 or even more! when we went there, I tell you, it was the most day ever (in the number of people) since the beginning of this revolution, there was so much of people inside and outside wanting to enter! they didn't even have time to inspect us all, it was nearly impossible! we were more than 7 million people!
It was nearly like hajj! so crowded that everyone has to hold the tail of the one in front so we wont be lost or separated! we looked funny and we couldn't hold it anymore, my back was broken and my legs were just so tired, so dad decided to go back to granny's home to eat and stuff, so we did.
I don't really want to put his picture in my blog! but
it is a good picture to describe this!
After we ate and rested, we heard in the Jazeera channel that the Egyptian rulers will speak soon, we thought that it will be like always, somehow at 11 or 12 at night! and we totally didn't imagine they would say anything related to stepping down, since the day before, he spoke also and he just said some promises and kept talking about himself and saying things that obviously didn't please any Egyptian at all! Once it started, dad called everyone at home and they all gathered around the small television in the small room, to hear, and hopefully, HE SAID IT! MUBARAK STEPPED DOWN! no one actually recognized it at the beginning and no one believed it, and all at once, cheered 'Allahu Akbar!' 'alhamdulillah' ! it was a historical moment, I even wished we didn't leave and we were still there so we could celebrate! After that, everyone at the house was holding cellphones and congratulating friends, and checking facebook and stuff. It was just the best ever!
In the way home, everyone was peeping and waving the flag out of the cars, even dad did! he was peeping all the way home! Everyone was celebrating, we even bought a tart in our way home to celebrate! It was just the best day ever!
I gotta let everyone be sure that this will be saved in the history, the great history of Egypt.
And once again, i'll say, I am proud to be Egyptian! ♥♥
Rahma Fateen


Sara said...

WOW! loved the post seriously I did!
so happy to be the frist to comment...
i so wish I'd be in egypt... so wish I could be with U!
u had a totally exciting day!
guess I had a day like it too, just with out the tahrir part :P just I totally wish I was there!
and we celebrated with ICE CREAM! the day after (today)!!I'm more then PROUD to be Egyptian :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Yasmina... Well I feel that Egypt has changed since "MUBARAK" stepped down, I never saw ppl cleaning the streets, smiling @ each other... Inshaa Allah, Egypt will b better.. Well, CONGRATZ Egyptians!!

Zara A said...

Wow, your egyptian! Thats interesting! Lovely post, Masha'Allah! And I'm loving your blog. Now an official follower.
Aww, I though it was sweet how you mentioned me on ur goals page and some great goals. Insha'Allah may Allah (SWT) make it easy for you in which you achieve all your goals. x

Chocolate Cloud said...

yup, I am.
of course I would mention you, you gave me the main idea ;)