Friday, February 18, 2011

Such a long and exciting day! ♥

Really, it was, actually the best day ever!
I woke up at 7, and I started changing my clothes, I wore a black pair of pants and a pink tonic (I do hate pink, but unfortunately, most of my clothes are pink) and a pink -two pieces- hijab. And I went downstairs to have breakfast and make my food for the day, I found mom, had already made my hamburger sandwiches, so I ate breakfast and was about to leave, I put my things in the backpack and left. On  our way down, in the middle of the stairs, mom stopped me and told me that she isn't pleased of me wearing pants, since I already reached puberty, I shouldn't really wear pants anymore, so I went back upstairs and I changed to a jeans skirt and a white checked purple blouse, which I got lots of comments on, with purple scarf, and I headed down fast.
Hey! this isn't the game I rode three times,
I was scared to ride this one :)
We went to a place where all the other girls met, and they rode the car with us, and we went along the way! To an amusement park, called dream park :)
It was a long way, and all the way, we kept deciding what game we will ride first and what next and stuff.
When we arrived, we rode the waterfalls game, I didn't get really wet, but it took long to dry, though it was a hot day.
I am not so brave and I am not a scaredy cat either, I don't ride very hard games 'cause I get dizzy so fast.
Anyway, so this day was awesome, 'cause at least it was a fun day after this bad vacation and 'cause it was the most day I rode games in my life. Every time I went either I didn't have time, either it was so crowded, so I never had a chance to play many games.
But today, I rode a lot! and SURPRISE! I didn't have a headache!
Actually that's a miracle! 'cause this day, I rode some games!
There was a game, I really liked, I rode it once, and I LOVED IT, so I rode it a second time, but that time, the guy made it so slow, so I rode it another time and my friends told the guy to make it extremely fast............
I tell you, he made it so fast that I felt like puking on my friend, sorry for being gross, but it was like that, when the cart was twisting, it was so fast, so I felt like someone was grabbing my heart from the back, it was so fast. I thought that I wouldn't be able to continue my day, and it will be the first day in my life and I will faint for the first time and that I will be dizzy.
And I was the most surprised girl in the world at that time, I went out of the game, I kept rolling and stuff, I couldn't stand steadily, but I DIDN'T GET DIZZY!  el7amdulillah :D

Anyway, alhamdulillah it was a nice day. and since we came somehow late, I didn't really have time to post this that day, so I'm late a day, I'm writing the day after I mean.
Today, I went to tahrir square again, not for protesting, but because Sh. Youssef Elqaradawi gave the jummaa speech there,  and there was like some celebration because the president stepped down and stuff. It was sooo crowded, the most day! (for the second time, I said that :))
hehe. :D

so, for now, I gotta go,
RAhma FAteen


Sorayaa :) ♥ said...

Awesome day! Isn't it! I'm glad you enjoyed! :) ♥
Love you no matter what you say! ♥

Chocolate Cloud said...

Thankss sis,
me too. I love you more.
xxoo ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi!! It's Yasmina...
Mashaa Allah, nice day, hope I can enjoy my vacation cuz I find it really boring, I do nothing but shopping... I went 2 "Mall of Arabia" for 3 times this weak, and I gotta tell u that u r so lucky for going 2 tahrir square, I never went there! :'( (but I am happy 4 u :-D) anywayz, hope 2 c ya soon, bbye!

Chocolate Cloud said...

Thanks ya yasmina.
but isn't shopping exciting and interesting?
you are lucky too, I didn't go to any mall since the beginning of the vacation!
yeah, I hope you can go too.
me too.
love and kisses to you ♥
bye :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, shopping is very exciting... But I think once a month is enough!! :-P
...:::Yasmina:::... <3

Sara said...

wow amazing looks like a so-much-fun day!!
I wish I was there, I go no where, well I kinda do but I just LOVE rides that grabs your heart and makes u dizzy
wonderful feeling :D!
miss u AH-LOT!
but see ya
bye ;)

Chocolate Cloud said...

yeah, really it was.
me too, I wish you were with us! :(
you are crazy! I hate them. urgh :P
miss you moreeeee ♥