Wednesday, February 2, 2011

After a long separation

oh yeah, I miss you blog. I am really sorry. it's totally not my fault. cuz you know, after what happened in Tunisia, our Egyptian men, decided that on 25th of January, they will do the same, they will make demonstration. and the internet was a very active way in making people go down and join in these demonstrations.
so, the very kind government decided to cut the internet access and that made me freaking mad!
Anyway, as you see, these demonstrations are working so well, but still, I WANT HOSNY MUBARAK TO STEP DOWN! and by the way, even Obama told him to, but I dunno, he's a weird guy. I have to admit
The most scary thing is that 17,000 people in prison ran away! can you believe it?I was so scared and what made me more scared is that dad traveled on Sunday. That was totally scary. actually I was scared to death. but what made me less scared. that thank God, Egyptian men went in the streets at night to take care. they even used to work instead of policemen and they used to clean the streets. great job, ha?
You know, yesterday when they said they wanted million or more people in these demonstrations. I was like 'mama, I wanna go!' I really wanted to, I didn't want this thing to pass without participating in it. but unfortunately, I couldn't :( but isA tomorrow we will. we still don't know
Anyway, I think i'm not going to speak about these things only in my whole post. so I got to say that i'm so glad the internet is back. I missed it X a million.
You know what?, I think the vacation wont be the worst after all!
Nobody knows. I'm just hoping :)
I really want to make my post long like my fellows, but I just don't know what to say.
Never mind, I've already squeezed my  mind enough to think of what to say.
So, bye bye :)
Really, when I have something to say, I'll come right away and post it.
Thanks to all who read my blog,
Rahma Fateen
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Soraya Rady said...

ummm! yeah! i agree with u in everything!
i dont think u hve to go to the demonstrations! they r so dangerous! :)
miss you! ♥

Chocolate Cloud said...

well, I did go :P
and it wasn't dangerous at all!
but it was sooooooo fun :)